About Us

The London Institute is a nonprofit think-and-do tank. We bring business, government and academia together to define problems, design partnerships and provide scalable solutions that address the issues cities face in the 21st century. We break down the barriers between stakeholders, decision-makers and provide a neutral platform for collaboration, curating unique and diverse partnerships. The London Institute is free from partisan, ideological and commercial bias, and the integrity of our work stems from an enduring commitment to the public good.

The creation of the London Institute was driven by an understanding of the need to bring together multiple parties to research, develop and apply solutions to critical public policy, economic, academic and cultural challenges. We work to attract and retain the best and brightest, thus enhancing the London region as a destination for talent and technology.

London Institute delivers customized, timely, and reliable research and information. Our services include policymaking, knowledge transfer, environmental scans, market exploration, multidisciplinary research management, and data solutions. The quality of these services is assured by our Research Process, a dynamic framework that provides a reliable structure to the execution and control of our services. These services enable our clients to make informed decisions, identify and seize opportunities, and optimize their performance. We are dedicated to generating insights and ideas that drive client success and deliver unparalleled value.


“To provide solutions to challenges London faces in the 21st century by connecting business, government, and academia.”


“To establish London as a self-empowering city where every person advances constantly towards the future.”

Forward Thinking

To be forward thinking means to be future-oriented and not be slowed down by the ghosts of the past. Forward thinking does not demand that we disregard the past, because history is our greatest source of wisdom. Rather, it demands courage when facing the most pertinent problems of our time. We recognize its importance in the stewardship of humankind, and thus we actively cultivate a forward thinking culture by example.

City Cohesion

City Cohesion refers to the state in which citizens maintain a healthy relationship with their city, their tasks, with others, and with themselves. The group is said to be cohesive when a sense of unity is found with each other while working towards a shared vision. At the London Institute, we want to live in a world where the same thing can be said about cities. By acknowledging that cohesion has great potential for meaningful impact, we hope that our cohesive culture will propagate throughout the city.