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The London Institute is a nonprofit think-and-do tank. We bring business, government and academia together to define problems, design partnerships and provide scalable solutions that address the issues cities face in the 21st century. We break down the barriers between stakeholders, decision-makers and provide a neutral platform for collaboration, curating unique and diverse partnerships. The London Institute is free from partisan, ideological and commercial bias, and the integrity of our work stems from an enduring commitment to the public good.

How Might The London Institute Serve You?


London Institute is here to assist businesses and organizations of all industries and sizes in making informed decisions, identify and seize opportunities, and optimize their effectiveness.


London Institute has a mandate of contributing to the public good through the provision of research services and data solutions to municipalities, agencies, and other governmental bodies.


London Institute exists to prepare the education system for inevitable demands. This includes providing opportunities such as experiential learning and research services that augment academic programs.



London Institute is the local research engine of the city. From time-sensitive analysis projects to multidisciplinary research endeavors, researchers from all walks of life are with us to make an impact through the power of knowledge.


London Institute strives to bring stakeholders together. We are keen to work with partners on projects to explore and act upon new opportunities in order to fulfill our mandate.


Volunteering can have significant benefits for both you and the city. London Institute is here to provide you with the opportunity to be part of an empowering cause and connect you to the ecosystem of London.

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